Foxboro Coach’s Clinics

Starting next Monday Sept 27 th , we will be running a series of 4 Coach’s Clinics.

The four Coach’s Clinics are designed to help both new coaches and experienced
staff better organize their training sessions and to gain insights into their training
methodology. The sessions are technical, tactical and functional in nature, and
provides the coaches with opportunities to both ask questions and identify
particular concerns with regards to their strengths and weaknesses with regards
to running their coaching sessions. By having the coaches participate in the
exercises, they will gain valuable experience that will allow them to relate with
their players in executing the skills of the game. The format gives all the
participants the opportunities to both learn and share their ideas with their
colleagues. Although there will be no coaching license awarded from these four
sessions, the sessions themselves are created with the content and formatting of
an actual coaching course, without the stress. I look forward to seeing you on the

When: Monday Sept 27 th , Mon Oct 4 th , Wed 20 th , Mon 25 th
Where: Sam Berns Field Turf at Foxboro HS
Time: 7:30-8:30pm


Brian Borde
Director of Education and Player Development
Foxboro Soccer Association